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Drone aerial photography is when photographs of a ground location are taken from an elevated position, usually by a camera in the sky.


Our Drones allow us to take drone photography to capture your entire location in a single image. This gives a level of dimension and scale that is difficult to capture on the ground. Whether it’s demonstrating a business park or unit, real-estate, residential  property or golf course or showing the beautiful countryside that surrounds a house that you are selling, seeing the location from the sky gives a feeling of grandeur that will evoke the “wow factor” to your prospective customers or buyers.


At AirPixa, we use professional grade drone / aerial platforms,  equipped with stabilised professional DSLR cameras. Our expertise in piloting and operating the equipment, along with the composition and editing skills, results in stunning, high resolution aerial photography every time.



We provide a range of aerial drone photography services suited to your needs

Drone Aerial Photography


Did you know, that first aerial photographs were taken by mounting explosive charges on a timer to a kite. Thankfully, the process has since evolved into what we use today.


At AirPixa we know what equipment works best in different types of location settings; we plan our shoots around the best drones for the task at hand. We mount our DSLR cameras with wide lenses onto our drones, which are then sent in to the air and remotely controlled by the pilot. We operate as two person team - pilot + photographer.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  For drone aerial photography and filming prices please click here.


Aerial Videos and Filming


Drones can be used to produce video as well as still photographs. Take a look at our gallery below for a selection of our aerial productions using our various aerial photography equipment and techniques.


Aerial videos bring a whole new level of production value to your marketing materials. The flexibility and speed at which we can set up a shoot means that it’s often possible to capture photographs and video on the same day.

The benefits of aerial drone photography & videos


  • Cost-effective shoots which require significantly less planning
  • Drones can get into tighter spaces and shoot closer to the ground
  • Highly manoeuvrable and remarkably unobtrusive without causing excessive noise and disruption
  • Built in image stabilisation allows for crystal clear photographs and videos to be taken



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