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Commercial Drone Photography Gallery

This gallery is displaying random images of our commercial aerial drone photographs, primarily business parks and units.


Drones have become the ‘go-to’ tool for commercial operators, especially those involved in projects that require aerial photography.

In the past, all aerial photography was taken from a helicopter or a light aircraft.

Nowadays if you need photographs below 120 metres you can put a camera on a drone.

Commercial Drones can get lower and into spaces that a helicopter would never be able to access.

Apart from that for certain types of photographs using a drone is much more cost effective and quicker. For example we could travel to the location, set up our drone and have it in the air in minutes. Helicopters are still important for aerial shots, but they aren’t always necessary for some projects and a drone will do the job perfectly.

Here at AirPixa, we deliver  drone photography in Manchester,  Cumbria, Cheshire and Lancashire and other areas throughout the UK to shoot random images which highlight the detail that can be captured. Drone photography can be used in a number of industries and for a variety of purposes.


Planning and Surveys

Drone photography is becoming more and more popular in the construction field. Photographs taken from above can give purchasers and planners a good view of the site and of the surrounding area. This can help in decisions about the suitability of the area and its access to roads and rail connections.


Building Progress

Drones are suitable for use on sites where there are people already working. They are much quieter than a helicopter and therefore cause much less disruption. Photographs can be taken and send immediately to whoever is monitoring the progress of a new commercial building.


Risk Assessment

Drone photography can provide images from various angles which might not be so obvious from the ground. Therefore, it is a good medium to use when carrying out a risk assessment on a new or already completed building.



Marketing is very important for any business. Consumers today want to know all about the companies they use and like to feel engaged with their favourite brands through social media, websites and on any printed materials you produce.

Drone photography can produce sharp, colourful photographs that enhance your company and draw attention to your location and premises.  For example, if you have a hotel in Cheshire aerial photographs will not only show your hotel from all angles but will also give potential customers a good idea of its surroundings.



If you are selling or letting commercial premises then you need to do all you can to enhance the benefits of your building to any prospective buyer. If for example, you need Real Estate drone photography then Aerial Drone Photography is perfect. It can immediately capture photographs that show where the building is located, how many other buildings are close by and the size of the land which the premises are built on.



If you need photographs which can show the dimension and scale. Commercial Drone photography does just that. In one shot you can have a beautiful image that you can use for advertising.  Whether you’re a golf course in Cheshire or a hotel in Cumbria, drone photography can capture the spirit of your business.

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